James A Rosen

Fractional Staff Engineer

James A Rosen, pixelated, wearing a bow tie

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I'm working as a "fractional staff software engineer". I do a mix of web development, coaching, architecture, and process improvement. Technologies I'm using these days include Svelte, Remix, React, Zod, TypeScript, Rust, Fastly, and Fly.io. You can hire me.


My wife and I moved to Napa a few years ago. We live right near downtown and enjoy taking advantage of the worldclass restaurants and wineries in our neighborhood. We welcomed a daughter, Louise, in spring of 2022. I love taking her on walks and watching her explore the world. We read a lot of Chris Haughton books together in English, Spanish, and French.


I'm on the Slow Down Napa steering committee where I advocate for pedestrian safety, micro-mobility access, and road diets in Napa, California.


I enjoy cooking and try to do at least one experiment each week. I also enjoy gardening, but haven't had much time for it this year. You can find me on Peloton as jamesarosen, though I'm not getting as many workouts in as I'd like. It's been months since I last practiced my clarinet or done any woodworking.